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Hi All, Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! So today I bring you the last stop on the Blog Tour for this exciting book! I hope you enjoy my review and if you have any interest in Colombia and the cocaine industry then this is definitely worth the read!


Cover of Kilo by Toby Muse


Join the deadly journey of cocaine, from farmer to kingpin.

Meet Maria. Maria doesn’t see herself as a criminal. She’s just a farmhand picking the crops that never lose money: coca.

This is Cachote. He prays to the Virgin of the Assassins that his bullets find their target. If he misses, he’ll have to answer to the cartel who pay him to take out their enemies.

Pedro works the coca labs. But this laboratory is hidden deep in the jungle, and he turns coca leaves into coca paste, a step just short of cocaine.

And finally, here is Alex. Alex is a drug-lord and decides where the drug goes next: into Europe or the US. And he wields the power of life and death over everyone around him.

Following one brick of cocaine from Colombia’s jungles to the Pacific Ocean as it races to join global underworld economy, Kilo is an unprecedented journey to the violent heart of the cocaine industry. On the way we will meet drug lords, contract killers, drug mules, cartel witches, as well as the Colombian police and US Coast Guard who are desperately trying to stop the kilo reach the consumers in the world’s richest countries.

My Review:

To begin with I thought I was going to struggle with this book, I didn’t realise it would have so much background history on Colombia and their drug problems. I struggled to get in to it because I have only ever watched a few programmes on the cocaine industry and the cartels and didn’t really have a great knowledge of the history! This part is amazing for people who already have some kind of understanding of Colombia’s history…

However I wanted to stick it out and I am SO glad that I did! This is such an informative and engaging read, which I found incredibly hard hitting and actually very shocking!

Every story of each person along the journey is as sad and devastating as the next! I learnt so much about the journeyed cocaine from the Coca bushes to sending the cocaine all over the world!

The first point in the book that really hit me hard was of a young 19 year old girl who had a child back at home,which she had left behind to earn money through prostitution which she absolutely HATED doing! There is no easy way out for any of the people involved in the Cocaine trail, whether it be the coca pickers, the prostitutes the drug mules, hit men or the poor men and women who smuggle the drugs abroad!

This book really shows you how corrupt Colombia is and how the poor really struggle to survive, they either have no option to get involved, to be able to look after their families or they follow in their fathers footsteps and want to become involved for the women, sex and the status!

I found it absolutely gob smacking that they all knew being involved in the cocaine world would bring them to an early grave and yet they had all accepted this!

One part of the book I really took my time with and actually read out to my husband, was how people smuggle the Cocaine overseas, through swallowing, hiding in luggage or by semi subs and boats! My husband works for the border so I knew he would also enjoy this part of the book and actually it even taught him some thing!

This is such a hard hitting (because it’s all real), in-depth insight to the Colombian world of drugs and I cannot believe the risks the author went to and took to get interviews and to actually write such an incredible book!

Overall I give this book ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️!

An exciting, fast paced and engaging read, which is educational and informative, with different angles of the industry, lots of incredible interviews and most of all SHOCKING facts! I have learnt so much from this book and would definitely like to read more now that I have a better understanding!

A fab read congratulations!

About the Author:

Author Tony Muse

Toby Muse is a British-American writer, television reporter, documentary filmmaker and foreign correspondent. He has reported from the front lines of the conflicts in Colombia, Iraq and Syria. He has embedded with soldiers, rebels and drug cartels, producing exclusive reports from cocaine laboratories and guerrilla jungle camps. He lived in Bogota, Colombia for more than fifteen years, reporting across South America and the endless drug war.

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Book Depository:–Life-and-Death-Inside-the-Secret-World-of-the-Cocaine-Cartels/24507810

So there we have it another amazing read! Something I’ve never read before but knew would interest me! Yes I struggled with the history a little at the beginning but that’s due to my minimal knowledge! I’d definitely recommend this and now I’m off to watch some more documentaries as I really enjoyed this!

This blog tour has been brought to you by Damppebbles:

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