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Hey everyone! I’m so excited to bring you a new review for a comedy romance! I really enjoyed this, the world of dating and needing a plus one for social events! It really picked me up and helped me escape! So I hope you love the sound of this 😀



What if your plus one could be the one…?

Cara has officially run out of men. Her most recent dates have gone from bad to worse, and when her dating app informs her there is no one left in her area to choose from, she is at a dead end.

But with a summer of events ahead of her, she needs to find a solution, fast; someone to keep her company at the never-ending weddings, family gatherings and gender reveal parties that she can’t face going to alone.

So when she meets handsome, confident, Millsy on a night out she may be in luck. They could not be more different in personality, but he too has a summer of events ahead and is desperate to get his family off his back about finding a ‘nice girl’. What if they made a pact to help each other out and be a plus one for the summer? Just as friends of course…?

A brand new romantic comedy from bestseller Portia MacIntosh, perfect for fans of Zara Stoneley, Sophie Ranald and Mhairi McFarlane.

My Review

So Cara who is the main character hasn’t had much luck with men! She has an ex called Lloyd but that didn’t end well!

Cara has taken to using dating sites but so far that’s not gone well and she’s had some of the worst dates of her life, including the one she’s on, which turned out to be baby sitting! That one also didn’t end well!

She keeps browsing the dating site but when it comes up with no more matches she thinks her luck has ended!

It’s her cousins wedding soon who she was supposed to be a bridesmaid for but after deciding she didn’t want to be bridesmaid, it made her family situation a little awkward! While at dinner with her family she soon finds out that her cousin has still invited her ex, and even worse, her mum has invited him to stay at their house for a few days! (Luckily Cara doesn’t live with her family but that doesn’t stop her not being happy about it)

While at dinner she gets one more match and arranged to go on a date with him, but when she turns up to the date it turns out she’s been stood up, when a guy called Millsy saves the day and wants to be her friend and invited her to an exclusive nightclub!

Cara accepts which is really unlike her but she decides it’s time to turn a new leaf and try new things!

Cara and Millsy soon become friends and start spending more time together and after realising they have a number of family and social events to attend they agree to be each other’s plus one AS FRIENDS! Cara has her cousins wedding with her ex going so definitely wants a plus one and more events and Millsy has lots of family gatherings!

At one of the family gatherings Cara meets Jay which Is Millsys step brother and they hit it off! However Millsy doesn’t want them getting too close because he doesn’t trust him and they don’t get on! But Cara just finds herself gravitating towards him!

She also however starts to see Millsy in a different way when she sees him in only his boxers in a changing room! Things start to become a little more complicated!

At each event something goes wrong and they have to cover it up and fix it quickly which they find hilarious but when something happens at a Hen party they soon question their whole friendship!

With Caras cousins wedding fast approaching what will happen with Caras and Millsys friendship? Will they always be friends, will they go their separate ways or will just a simple pact become more?

I really found this light hearted, refreshing romance so uplifting! It was funny, and silly and so easy to read!

I really liked both of the main characters! I really felt for Cara as she had pretty much lost all of her friends in her friendship group where they made different life choices! And dating for her had never been simple and never gone to plan! Her cousin and auntie treat her disgustingly but sometimes she doesn’t help herself when some embarrassing artwork goes wrong!

Millsy is just THE sweetest guy! Every woman needs a Millsy not just as a partner but as a friend! He is so caring and also funny, and he lifts his friends right up! He makes Cara feel so good about herself and he always has her back!

One of the things I enjoyed most about this book is how it’s written! It’s written in first person from Cara and the character is the same age as me, and even though I’m married with children I can totally relate to some of the ways she thinks, some of her self dialogue that goes on in her head, and there’s things that are mentioned in the book that if you are an early 90s baby you’ll just remember and smile!

Honestly this book was so lovely and from a Different angle and I love it when stories change it up and become so original!

I’d love to read more from this author so it’s definitely another 5 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ rating from me 🙂

A warm, lovely, HILARIOUS, relatable, easy to read romance/ comedy that shouldn’t be missed!

About the Author

Portia MacIntosh is a bestselling romantic comedy author of 12 novels, including It’s Not You, It’s Themand Honeymoon For One. Previously a music journalist, Portia writes hilarious stories, drawing on her real lifeexperiences.

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Another amazing, happy, romance! I really do love a romance I’m so soppy when it comes to that sort of thing! They always remind me of my own soppy romance with my hubby and how we came together!

I hope you loved this review and I definitely recommend it to help you escape the awful isolation right now especially for a little giggle!

Thank you to the author for providing me a copy to review and thank you to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for letting me take part in another of her awesome tours!

Have another fab day everyone!

Lynne – The Book Reviewing Mum


Welcome to my blog, I am a mum of 2 beautiful boys, who lost all of her passions and hobbies by dedicating all of my time and my life to raising my 2 boys. It’s taken me 3 years to realise I can still enjoy some of my hobbies as well as raise them and even involve them to! I love to read, I always have from children’s books, to factual crime, to local and world history (although my knowledge is terrible), to all fiction especially crime, thriller and horror. I have decided to start blogging and reviewing books, and meeting some of the authors that may be starting out like myself and my blog to maybe even some of my favourite Authors! I hope you enjoy this journey with me and support me along the way! Please sit back and enjoy my reviews and here is to a new start of making sure we look after ourselves as well as our children!

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