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Hi Everyone, today Is my stop on the blog tour for Louise Burfitt-Dons 2nd Book in the PI Karen Andersen series ‘The Killing of The Cherrywood MP’. As you all know I was recently on the tour for the first book in the series ‘The Missing Activist’ and I absolutely loved it! It wasn’t my usual style but I thought it was BRILLIANT and so current! So here is my review for this second book 😀 enjoy all!



The Killing of the Cherrywood MP is the brilliant second book in the lauded Karen Andersen political thriller series by Louise Burfitt-Dons. In this fast-paced and gripping novel P I Andersen is once again immersed in the world of radical extremism in Britain and about to learn it’s as complicated as it’s deadly.

“‘Taut, hardboiled, detailed and funny. This is thriller excellence!’ “Charlie Flowers

Jihadi brides return from Syria and deradicalised terrorists are released from prison. In reaction extremist right-wing groups proliferate across Europe. The Labour MP for Cherrywood is found murdered and police look for a lone wolf with a personal vendetta against ISIS.

P I Karen Andersen believes it’s not that simple. From the roulette tables of the Ritz to the respectable suburbs of Mainz, she searches for the truth. Does the home to one of Germany’s violent neo-Fascist cells hold the vital clue, or does it lie hidden in the leafy English countryside?

My Review

This book is amazing! You can definitely read it as a standalone and be able to follow it, however I liked the fact I’d read the first book as it all connected in and answered some questions from the first book with a lot of surprises along the way! Any way here is a little about the story line!

PI Karen Andersen is soon pulled back in to a number of investigations when 2 women who were going to be Jihadi brides get threatened and Quackers (her boss) calls her in to help find out who is doing this but also thinks she hasn’t been protecting her belongings and that it may be her fault that this confidential information involving these girls being ex Female jihadis has been leaked!

Karen soon sets out to prove her innocence to Quackers!

However she also has to investigate a far right extremist group and when someone from her past turns up wanting her to investigate a man she is involved with, things soon become a little more complicated!

Things soon escalate, as whoever is targeting the the ex Jihadi girls is targeting more and more of them and they seem to know a lot and have a lot of information they shouldn’t! It’s seems likely this person is a stand alone criminal who has personal reasons to targets these girls, however they are attaching themselves to a far right extremist group!

On top of that, the murder of the Cherrywood MP happens and also Quackers and Haruto who is Karen’s ex start to become Worried about her!

Things start to come together when Karen takes a trip to Germany, and an ex Female jihadi / terrorist is released from prison on the down low to help with de-radicalisation!

Can they track the person down who is threatening the girls, can they find out who killed the MP, can they stop the next terrorist attack in time? And are all these events somehow connected?

Wow I enjoyed this even more than the first! I Love Louises writing, I love the complexity of her stories, but how even though they are complex they are still easy to follow and all come together in to one big exciting and thrilling climax!

There are so many different small story lines in this involving different characters but eventually through all the twists and the huge shocks it all comes together!

Again this book touches on so many current and relevant problems in Britain but this time it doesn’t only talk about the terrorism from muslim extremists but also the very real dangers of the British far right extremists which is just as much a problem! I really enjoyed experiencing the other side of this and thought it was very cleverly put together!

It also touches on mental health again, not only suicide and bullying this time but deep mental health psychotic / delusional mental health!

I love following PI Karen Andersen, she gets so involved, definitely a little obsessive but it hasn’t failed her yet. YES it’s got her into many dangerous situations but the outcomes have been positive!

I did find this second book a lot easier to understand as it doesn’t go quite as in-depth with the politics side of things but that’s what makes these 2 books in the series so perfect for stand alones aswell!

I really found this book so interesting to think some of these things like honour killings take place in the U.K. and possibly never make it to the crown court! Why don’t we hear about these events on the news, they are just as important!

Thank you Louise for another exciting, thrilling, dark story that is so very relevant to today’s world!

Easily another 5 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ from me I can’t wait for more in this series! I’m so invested in these characters and the story lines!

About the Author

Louise Burfitt-Dons was first introduced to the idea of writing conspiracy fiction on meeting Ian Fleming when he visited her birth country of Kuwait in 1960 and befriended her father. Fast forward forty years to her founding the children’s charity Act Against Bullying in 2000. This had her advising police on the manipulation and cover up tactics of young people, girl gangs and junior cyber stalkers. She believes these are the same devices used by political parties, spies and crooks. They form the background to her thriller stories. 

Her first novel (June 5th 2018) The Missing Activist (New Century) was the first in a series starring off the wall P I Karen Andersen.  The plot was inspired by her experiences as a Parliamentary candidate in the UK General Election of 2015. Sequel The Killing of the Cherrywood MP was published on March 18th 2020.  She is currently working on book three in the Karen Andersen series.

Louise is also a screenwriter who has worked with producers in the UK and the US. Recent films screened on TV include Mother of All Secrets (2018), The Ex Next Door (2019, LifeTime) and Fame at a Deadly Cost (LifeTime 2020). Not all her work has a dark tone. She loves British comedy and wrote the rom-com Christmas in the Highlands (2019) for Triventure Productions which has also made it on to the international television circuits.

She now lives in Chiswick, West London with her ex-pilot husband Donald. She has two grown up daughters and a seven-month year old granddaughter Dempsie Lee Williams.

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So who else can’t wait for the next in this series? I certainly can’t, it’s something that normally would have been so out my comfort zone but that is exactly why it’s worth trying things out side of the box because now I’ve found a series I love!

Thank you to the Author again for providing me with a copy for an honest review and to Sarah at Book on the Bright Side Publicity or giving me the opportunity to take part in these 2 tours and to try something new! I definitely encourage reading things outside your comfort zone!

I hope you all have a brilliant week!

Lynne – The Book Reviewing Mum



Welcome to my blog, I am a mum of 2 beautiful boys, who lost all of her passions and hobbies by dedicating all of my time and my life to raising my 2 boys. It’s taken me 3 years to realise I can still enjoy some of my hobbies as well as raise them and even involve them to! I love to read, I always have from children’s books, to factual crime, to local and world history (although my knowledge is terrible), to all fiction especially crime, thriller and horror. I have decided to start blogging and reviewing books, and meeting some of the authors that may be starting out like myself and my blog to maybe even some of my favourite Authors! I hope you enjoy this journey with me and support me along the way! Please sit back and enjoy my reviews and here is to a new start of making sure we look after ourselves as well as our children!

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