BOOK REVIEW : The Last Resort by Emily Gallo @TheEmilyGallo #bookreview

Good Morning guys! I’m so happy to be able to support this author and help promote this book! This is a private review request I received and I’m so glad I got asked to do this as I really do think this story is just such a lovely one! Enjoy!



An old sixties musician and his trim mama run a pot farm in the Emerald Triangle of northern California and welcome an exonerated ex-con, a Las Vegas prostitute, a union organizer from the Bronx, an escapee of a sex slave cult, a retired carney with Parkinson’s Disease, and an old Mississippi blues guitarist down on his luck. Together they create a last resort, a modern version of home and family.

My Review

This is such a beautiful story about coming together, bonding, forming unexpected friendships and a bunch of complete strangers becoming their own little version of a family!

This is such a feel good read and is soooo easy to read! The story is pretty much explained above, but basically we have all of those characters above, from all different walks of life, ending up at the farm needing a place to stay and to work! They all seem to have been escaping something and are more than happy to live and work there!

It’s just so easy to love every single character in this book! Every single one of the main characters are just completely loveable!

The guy who owns the house Dutch is so kind, he opens up his huge home and farm to bring people in who need a second chance at life, who need to start again! He has quite a lot of money and also has some big plans he wants to fulfil and gives everyone who lives their the opportunity to contribute to his plans and in turn he looks after them all! He is so kind hearted!

Juniper is just such a dear! She’s strong headed and amazing at keeping the group together! She is pretty much the mother of their little version of a family, looks after them, Cooks for them, takes care of the vulnerable and poorly ones! And also bosses them all about and keeps them in check!

Luther I really feel for having spent the last 20 years of his life the way he did! It’s so sad, and sometimes I felt a little sorry for him with all the hard work he put in, but he was happy to do so and WANTED to help in every way he could and I just itched for a happy ending for him!

Homer is a right old character, he’s funny and full of banter in the earlier sections of the book but as his illness takes over he struggles to stay strong! Yet his determination and strength is just incredible!

The 2 girls both Tasha and Scarlet also both have had horrendous times and both get saved from dangerous situations but luckily both find themselves on the farm and together. Together they keep each other going and find out just how much they have in common!

Buster is an ex famous musician and is just an amazing friend to homer! He’s so supportive and is a huge contributor to the little family and the event they plan together!

Jed and Monica are just the perfect couple, they work together to help people out, will do anything where they can to help and support people and are just so lovely and kind to everyone!

After they all move in, a terrible and scary event happens, which actually through the tough times brought them all together and made them even more tight knit! They really bonded and become a family and I loved reading this and watching the story unfold! They then all pitch in to fulfil Dutch’s big plans … does it all come together?

I loved how Kind to animals they are in this book, and the fact they save so many! They also run a big event to raise money to support people and animals after a local tragedy!

Honestly I could not have needed a better book right now, friendships, kindness, supportive friends, family, new beginnings and second chances!

I’m so happy to give this book 5 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ because it was such a Lovely, warm hearted, feel good read, with a little sadness, a bit of fear and scary times and most of all a coming together! It’s beautifully written, with the kindest characters I’ve ever read and it’s exactly what I needed right at this point in time!

Plus I couldn’t put it down and read it super fast!

About the Author

I View My Life In 3 Acts

Emily Kaufman was the girl growing up in Manhattan in the fifties and sixties. In the sixties and seventies, I attended Clark University and lived in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Seattle doing the hippie/peace/love/protest thing.

In the eighties and nineties, Emily Saur lived in Northampton, MA and Davis, CA and was the more conventional wife, mother of two, and elementary school teacher.

In 2006, I retired from teaching and became Emily Gallo when I married David, a professor of economics, and moved to Chico, CA to continue our journey. I started writing screenplays and television and moved into novels. David, Gracie (our Schillerhound), Savali (our cat) and I now divide our time between two and a half acres of gardens, orchards in Chico and a 750 square foot condo on the beach in Carpinteria, CA.

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Honestly thank you to the Author and Chris for asking me to review this book, I feel honoured because I just enjoyed it that much! What a beautiful story! I’d love to offer my huge congratulations and hope everyone else gets to enjoy this as much as I have! Something a little different and stunning!

Have a great day everyone!

Lynne – The Book Reviewing Mum



Welcome to my blog, I am a mum of 2 beautiful boys, who lost all of her passions and hobbies by dedicating all of my time and my life to raising my 2 boys. It’s taken me 3 years to realise I can still enjoy some of my hobbies as well as raise them and even involve them to! I love to read, I always have from children’s books, to factual crime, to local and world history (although my knowledge is terrible), to all fiction especially crime, thriller and horror. I have decided to start blogging and reviewing books, and meeting some of the authors that may be starting out like myself and my blog to maybe even some of my favourite Authors! I hope you enjoy this journey with me and support me along the way! Please sit back and enjoy my reviews and here is to a new start of making sure we look after ourselves as well as our children!

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