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Hi Guys! Man am I excited about this tour! I’m not usually MAD about historical books, however wars are the one thing I do like in books, and this blurb just absolutely captured me so I just couldn’t miss out in taking part in this tour! I absolutely adore this beautiful cover as you will see! I hope you enjoy my review 😀

The Cover

The Blurb

The Secret of Creek Cottage is a tale that follows the lives of two families, almost a century apart.

1916: While the Great War rages through Europe, in the small coastal village of Trunrowan, Cornwall, life for Loveday Nance could not be more different. With her husband Will away fighting, the reality of having a longed-for child of her own seems to be slipping away with each day that passes.

Present-day: Kitty and Ben Gridley decide to leave their busy lives in Bristol hoping for a quieter way of life in the pretty village of Trunrowan, Cornwall. Little do they realise the impact that moving into Creek Cottage will have on them. When Kitty begins to experience strange things happening at the cottage, she is certain there is a secret harboured within its stone walls.

My Review

I absolutely ADORE this book! I love EVERYTHING about it! It’s lovely, yet heart breaking, thrilling and exciting! With sad and happy endings! It just literally hits all the marks!

The Author has covered the blurb perfectly and I don’t think I could drill down on the story more without giving things away and ruining it for you all! However I have got lots to talk about!

Firstly the characters! Every character is so likeable, some relatable, and they were all so relevant and important to the story!

The modern day couple are Kitty and Ben, who moved to Cornwall for a more relaxed life! Wanting a baby and waiting for it to happen! Kitty is absolutely lovely, and so relateable, lots of us women would have felt her fears regarding a child, however Kitty has the extra strange occurrences on top of every day life to contend with and she copes so I think! Ben is just a completely doting husband, who wants to make sure he’s doing right and his best for his wife! He worried about her, he cares about her and who could ask for more in a husband!

The couple from 1916 are Loveday and Will, a couple who had been childhood sweethearts, known each other from young and married as soon as they were old enough! Will wanted to go to war and do his bit, but struggled with the consequences! The battles he faced after his return are one that so many soldiers have faced but back in those days there was no support and no help! He tried his best to overcome what was encapsulating him but that’s a very hard thing to overcome with hardly any understanding and support around! Loveday I also felt so much for, holding it together while Will was away and then trying to cope and manage with her husband who had come back a different man, she was desperate and would try anything to ease her husbands suffering! They also wanted a child and again she was so desperate she would try anything! I really felt her pain, there are so many people living with other who have struggles with their mental health and it can be so incredibly hard and straining on them!

Then there are the Cromps a family who have lived in Cornwall for hundreds of years each with their own special abilities, such likeable women and strange in their own little ways!

Following the story of Kitty and Ben is a spooky and thrilling one, with lots happening in the house, footsteps being heard, voices, strange dreams, it sets a spooky scene which I really LOVED!

Now following the story of Loveday and Will was absolutely heartbreaking all the way through! The focus on PTSD is so powerful, it felt so realistic and so many people will be able to relate! Such a sad story where I was hoping for a happy ending as they had been through so much together!

I loved swapping between the 2, it connected what happened in the past to what was happening in the present, it broke the story up and kept it interesting. I loved reading about one and then knowing I was about to catch up with what had been happening to the other! It kept me so engaged!

I really enjoyed the little bit of magic in the book that came with Mrs Comp, the spirituality of what was happening in the house!

A really well thought out, interesting and good paced plot, amazing characters, happiness and heart break, a book which touches on so many of your emotions! Easily a 5 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ from me as it is a quick read and definitely one I will read again! A really really Moving book!

About the Author

Tina M Edwards is an internationally published writer of poetry and flash fiction. She is editor of The Beach Hut, an online writing platform that encourages writing for wellbeing, particularly words that have been inspired by the coast and nature. The Secret of Creek Cottage is her first novel.

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Thank you to the Author and publisher for with providing me with a copy of this book and to Anne at Random Things Tours for yet ANOTHER amazing tour and letting me take part 😀 honoured as always!

Such an amazing book! Definitely don’t miss out 🙂

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