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Hey Everyone! It’s been AGESSSS since I’ve had time to do a personal private review request! I’ve had SUCH a busy schedule with tours I just haven’t had any time to make my way through my very long list of private reviews but today I’m bringing you my review for this amazingly dark and heart breaking book! It’s called Grace and Serenity and it’s by Annalisa Crawford, and it touches on so many sensitive and scary subjects! I hope you enjoy my review!

This book isn’t out yet but is publication date is July 7th so definitely get this on your tbr list!



Living on the streets is terrifying and exhausting. Grace’s only comforts are a steady stream of vodka, and a strange little boy who’s following her around.

At nineteen, Grace has already had a child and endured an abusive marriage. But she’s also had her baby abducted by her vengeful husband and been framed as a neglectful mother. Even her own parents doubted her version of the story. So she did the only thing that made sense to her—run away.

The streets are unforgiving. Winter is drawing in. And Grace isn’t prepared for the harsh realities of survival. At her very bleakest, a Good Samaritan swoops into her life and rescues her. With a roof over her head and food in her stomach, she longs to see her baby again.

But nothing ever comes for free.

My Review

Wow this book is NOT for the faint hearted! The author did warn me before I accepted the request that it’s quite hard hitting with some tough situations within the book but it’s even more so than even I thought!

This is an incredibly touching and hard hitting story where one young lady is pushed to her limits! The things she has to experience, and survive are just absolutely horrific! Yet there are DEFINITELY people in our world that suffer how Grace has suffered and experience what Grace experiences in the book!

The main character is called Grace, and she starts off the book with her whole life ahead of her, she’s still in school, soon to take exams and has plans to start uni. However, when she meets an attractive, older guy called Neil she soon starts a relationship with him and when a shock pregnancy drive them apart her whole life changes.

Her old dreams of uni and moving are out and her new realistic life of bringing up a child are in! When Neil turns up on her 18th birthday and proposes, Grace thinks everything is going to fall in to place but she couldn’t be more wrong!

Neil is an extremely abusive partner, controlling, evil, regularily lays a hand on her, it’s brutal. When baby Serenity is born he calls the baby Sarah, and that is the start of a huge down hill spiral. Things over the coming months slip in to a deep hole where Neil becomes even more abusive and controlling.

One day Grace decides she’s had enough and leaves with baby Serenity, but when Neil turns up he hits a new low and takes baby Serenity and sets Grace up and makes her seem like an incompetent mother. Not even her parents believe her version of events.

Things become incredibly tough for Grace at home so one day she ups and leaves and starts a life on the streets, and well, throughout the story things just get worse and worse for her!

Does Grace make it? Will she reconnect with her family and her daughter or does she succumb to the streets and live a life being invisible? You will have to read and find out!

Now, despite how emotionally difficult it was to read this book, I REALLY enjoyed it, because I connected with Grace, I felt her pain even though I’ve never experienced ANY of what she’s been through and I always wanted something good to happen to her!

I love it when a book hits you so hard that it creates conversations within your own household! I couldn’t believe the bad luck and the hard time Grace experienced and I kept talking to my husband about it!

I must warn you, some of the sensitive subjects that are in the book and which are very honestly, brutally and realistically described are domestic abuse, child abduction, drink spiking, homelessness and living on the streets, death by living on the streets, prostitution, random attacks and knife crime and mental illness!

I think this book is brilliant and so very important as I could really see how realistic it was, and how everyone on the streets has a tough story, and how they end up hooked in to prostitution so easily etc! It’s very relevant and current and helps to get these subjects out there and discussed more in the world!

I really felt for Grace, everytime she thought something better was going to happen she was hit with something worse, I cannot believe how much one person was expected to survive in her young life, yet she kept going! Grace clearly had some mental health issues (who wouldn’t in her position) and struggled to find the help she needed! She had no trust left in anyone and just didn’t know how to come through the other end!

I couldn’t believe it when her parents didn’t believe her when she told them what Neil had done, how can one man be so manipulative and change a families opinion on their own daughter! That’s so scary! I hated Neil from the word go, a manipulative, dangerous, devious, out of control man!

Honestly even though I’m writing and writing this book left me speechless! At times it took my breath away! There just doesn’t seem to be enough words to describe how amazing yet hard hitting this book is!

I HAVE to give this book 5 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ for the emotions it made me feel, how much it drew me in, how much I wanted to swoop in and save grace, for how incredibly touching this story is and relevant and HONEST!

This book is thought-provoking, terrifying and tear-jerking. A really powerful and engaging read with heart wrenching events and dangerous and conversational subjects!

Absolutely incredible well done and thank you for creating something that really stopped me in my tracks and just made me think about life!

About the Author

Annalisa Crawford lives in Cornwall, UK, with a good supply of moorland and beaches to keep her inspired. She lives with her husband, two sons, and canine writing partner, Artoo. She is the author of several short story collections, and has won several competitions. Highlights include being placed 3rd in the Costa Short Story Award 2015 and being longlisted for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize and Bath Short Story Award in 2018.

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So wow, there we have it, I don’t think I’ve ever read something as hard hitting and powerful as this book! Absolutely AMAZING! Yet again definitely not for the faint hearted or a new mum!

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed this review and hope it inspires you to pre-order or get it on your tbr because it’s absolutely incredible!

Thank you to the author for asking me and providing me with a kindle version to read and review I feel absolutely honoured!

Have an amazing day all!

Lynne – The Book Reviewing Mum



Welcome to my blog, I am a mum of 2 beautiful boys, who lost all of her passions and hobbies by dedicating all of my time and my life to raising my 2 boys. It’s taken me 3 years to realise I can still enjoy some of my hobbies as well as raise them and even involve them to! I love to read, I always have from children’s books, to factual crime, to local and world history (although my knowledge is terrible), to all fiction especially crime, thriller and horror. I have decided to start blogging and reviewing books, and meeting some of the authors that may be starting out like myself and my blog to maybe even some of my favourite Authors! I hope you enjoy this journey with me and support me along the way! Please sit back and enjoy my reviews and here is to a new start of making sure we look after ourselves as well as our children!

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