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Happy Publication Day! I hope you you all enjoy my review and stop for this heart wrenching family drama by Ali Mercer called ‘My Mother’s Choice’ this Book willpull you in and take you on an emotional rollercoaster!

The Cover

The Blurb

‘A heart-wrenching drama… an emotional rollercoaster with twists along the way… I read this in four hours and I know you’ll be hooked too.’ NetGalley Reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Nobody talks about my mother. Absolutely nobody. I have no idea what she was like. I’d always thought they kept quiet about her because they were sad. But what if it was because they were guilty?

I watch them at the school gates, all the mothers with their daughters. I see the hugs and all those thoughtful little adjustments to scarves and ponytails. How their love seems to overflow, they have so much of it to give.

And then I walk home to my aunt’s cold house, where there are a hundred rules for me to follow and only a single photograph of my mother to look at.

She is never spoken about in this house. They tell me that it will be easier if I don’t think about her.

It is strange though, isn’t it? That I know nothing about my own mother?

But they don’t know about the diary I’ve found up in the loft. Maybe they even forgot it was there. It doesn’t matter anymore if they won’t tell me anything. Because within these pages is what I’ve waited fourteen years to find out. And maybe some things I wish I could forget.

All I wanted was to bring our family closer together, but could what I find tear us apart instead?

A heartbreaking and powerful novel about family secrets and how we live with decisions we never thought we would have to make. Perfect for fans of Jodi Picoult, Kate Hewitt and Amanda Prowse.

My Review

This really is a heart wrenching, stop you in your tracks emotional read! Told in a simply incredible way with great sensitivity.

So young Dani is only 14 years old and lost her mother to drowning when she was only 4. She has since lived with her auntie, but has no memories of her mother! She only has 1 picture of her and her mother which she cherishes and just can’t figure out why no one around her talks about her mother or how the drowning happened!

One day Dani comes across her mother secret diary in her aunties attic and can’t help but want to read it! She wants to learn all about her mother in her final days and try to find out the truth about what happened to her!

Along the way she wants to find out why her mother upped and moved them to Cornwall, and while trying to do this she discovers some terrible and incredibly deep family secrets!

What could the truth mean? How much heart ache could it cause?

This a completely emotional read, that will definitely hook you in to the story, to the dramas, to the secrets, to uncovering the truth! It’s so well written and is full of suspense that just keeps you wanting to read more!

I felt so much for Dani and what she had gone through! I can’t imagine how it must of felt for her to have no memories and for no one to keep her mother’s memory alive, watching her trying to connect with her mother through her diary was sweet and sad at the same time!

I Really enjoyed how the chapters switched from Dani to her mother’s diary, this is always one of my favourite layouts in books! It keeps you engaged and is a clever way of setting out a story.

… and the ending… well that was a complete suprise that I was not expecting! WOW!

Overall a suspenseful, heart breaking, emotional and sensitively written read that I’d like to give 4 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️! I really enjoyed this authors writing and would definitely like to give more of this authors work a read!

About the Author

Ali decided she wanted to be a writer early on and wrote her first novel when she was at primary school. She did an English degree and spent her early twenties working in various jobs in journalism, including as a reporter for the show business newspaper The Stage. She started writing fiction in earnest after getting married, moving out of London to the Oxfordshire market town of Abingdon and starting a family. She has two children, a daughter and a son who is autistic and was diagnosed when he was four years old.
Ali is fascinated by families, their myths and secrets, and the forces that hold them together, split them up and (sometimes) bring them back together again. She always travels with tissues and a book and has been known to cry over a good story but is also a big fan of the hopeful ending.

How to Contact the Author

For updates and pictures, follow Ali on Twitter (@AlisonLMercer) or Instagram (@alimercerwriter), or on her Facebook page (AliMercerwriter)

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I really hope you enjoyed my review and that it inspires you to add this to your tbr! It’s so good to read a range of genres to be able to switch it up and I definitely think this is one not to be missed!

Thank you to Bookouture and the author for providing me with a copy to review and for this awesome opportunity! I appreciate it as always!

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